About Me

Husband to Monica, father to Juliana and Marcela,  papa to Colton.   These are the most important roles in my life.  Everything else can be taken away and they wouldn’t be missed.

I think a lot.  A whole lot.  There’s always a way to make things better because nothing is perfect.  I ask a lot of questions, I’m looking for a lot of answers.  I have an opinion about most anything and there’s always something to have an opinion about. However, I respect your opinion.

I swim, I bike, I run, I repeat, but mostly I run.  Yes, I am a 16X Marathon finisher and a 2X Ironman finisher. I’m not done. Not yet. I gave birth to this new me in 2007.  I believe that I need to find out how far I can push and if I don’t push I will never find out.

I believe in goals. Smart Goals. I believe in having a path and traveling this path, but no path is set in stone. I believe in adjusting the journey as needed to reach the destination. I believe you can do this too.

I believe in the power of positive mental attitude.  I try to spread good cheer and my daily mission is to make someone’s, anyone’s day a little better.

I love God and my Country and will defend both to my last, dying breath.


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