Father’s Day…From a Father’s Point of View

It has been many years since my father passed.  Although during the last few years of his life we lived thousands of miles apart, we had grown closer than we had been in the past.  I still think about him often, not just during this day, but often as I find myself remembering the lessons he taught me throughout the years.

I was blessed with my own children in my late twenties.  I guess prior to that, I was not ready.  But when my daughters came, I wondered how I would be able to be the father I knew I needed to be.  I prayed and hoped that I was ready for the challenge and that if mistakes were made, I would learn from them and not repeat them.  For the most part, I think my wife and I did alright.

Father’s Day to me is an every day event.  Every day I wake up and thank the good Lord for that blessing.  Always wondering what I had done to deserve such gift.

I have a collection of Father’s Day cards accumulated through time.  In the early years, these cards were hand made, painted and drawn by my young daughters.  This I will cherish forever.  These came along with your normal assortment of ties, shirts and other special gifts chosen specially for me.

I cant remember when things changed.  Every year now, I am asked what I want for Father’s Day.  Every year I find myself at a loss for an answer.  There doesn’t seem to be anything that would be more special of a gift from them than the gift of time.  Time spent with the old man.

They’re all grown up and doing their own thing.  The eldest is a mother and her life is as full and busy and anyone else’s.  The fact that she could take time to be here today, would be an awesome gift in itself.  The youngest is not any less occupied.  Hes school, her soccer and her job keep her tied up for endless hours.  To see her here, next to me on this day, is also very special.

To see what they do, to see who they are, to see what they have become is the greatest gift of all.  Next time they ask me what I want for Father’s Day, I can tell them… I’ve got what I want!


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