“Optimism enriches the present, enhances the future, challenges the improbable and helps you attain the impossible.”

Besides, being an optimist helps you experience increased  physical and mental health.  It is responsible for a substantial degree of reduced stress and more success.  And the good news is that becoming an optimist is really not hard work at all, not at all.

You can look at events in your life in one of two ways:  positive or negative.  When something “good” happens, do you step back and analyze?  Why did this happen?  Look at your strengths and you will see that they had a direct or indirect impact in the outcome.  It’s okay to give yourself credit.  When something “bad” happens do you use it as a learning experience?  Once again, step back and analyze.  What lead to this “bad” thing?  What could I have done different?  Live and Learn.  Remember that “we are not judged by the mistakes we make but by how we respond to those mistakes.”  Did you make a mistake, in judgment or otherwise, that lead to this not so favorable occurrence?  Remember that there will be plenty of times for you to do better in the future.

So, the key to Optimism is to maximize your successes and minimize your, well… your setbacks!

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One response to “Optimism

  1. Nice work, Mauricio. You are so full of optimism, good cheer, and positive energy. Must be the spin classes, swimming and running! And, your ability to look at things with a positive outlook. Keep up the writing; I look forward to following you, as you inspire me.

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